About District


Viluppuram (also Villupuram and Vizhupuram) is one of the thirty two districts of Tamil Nadu state located on the southern tip of India. The district headquarters is located at Viluppuram. Viluppuram district came into existence on 30th September 1993 when it was created out of South Arcot district. Viluppuram is the largest district in the state. The district lies in the middle of   Tiruchirapalli to Chennai National Highways No. 45. It is well connected by the rail, road and it is a major junction. One can go to any corner of the Tamil Nadu as well as to other parts of India from here. The district has temples, mosques and churches which are very old and famous. Villupuram  is located on the bank of thenpennai river.


Viluppuram District lies between 11 38′ 25″ N and 12 20′ 44″ S: 78 15′ 00″ W and 79 42′ 55″ E with an area of 7194. Sq.Kms.  It is surrounded on East and South by Cuddalore District. The West by Salem and Dharmapuri District and on the North by Thiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram District.

Administrative Units

At present Vilupuram district comprises of 4 Revenue Divisions, 13 Administrative Taluks, 1490 Revenue Villages,  3 Municipalities, 15 Town Panchayats, 22 Blocks and 1099 Village Panchayats.

Geological pattern

The General geological formation of the District appears to be simple. The greater part of it is covered by the Metamorphic rocks belonging to Genesis family. There are also three great groups of sedimentary rocks belonging to different geological periods. The Kalrayan Hills in the North represents a continuous range of hills covered with some thorny forests and vegetation. Among the hills, the most beautiful part of the district lies, round about the Gingee Hills.