Mangala Buddha Vihar

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The Mangala Buddha Vihar is located in Pulichapallam, Vanur Taluk of Villupuram District which is very near to Auroville. If you incline spirituality, yoga, and meditation, this Mangala Buddha Vihar is one of the best places to visit. Mangala Buddha Vihar is a Buddhist complex; complete with a Buddha temple, meditation hall, and library. The temple has a big meditation hall with a beautiful Buddha statue in the center, where one could just sit and focus on one’s inner self. You will find flowers adorning the holy seating and you can also light a puja candle before you meditate. The architecture is simple, but spectacular for it has the 30 feet high standing Buddha at the entrance. As you walk into the garden, you can find a statue of the Buddha seated under a Bodhi tree and you can find a statue of the Buddha seated on a lotus depicting the scene of attaining Nirvana in front of the Vihar.  The Mangala Buddha Vihar is inaugurated by Ven Phrakhru Samothankhetkrnarak, Chief of Chumphae, Thailand in 2018. It is a place to gain knowledge about Buddhism. Therefore, it also has a library where you can find books written by some of the most renowned Buddhist Scholars and monks from all over the world. The temple is not crowded unless there is a festival in celebration, during which it is grandly decorated with flags and people come here to chant and Puja too.  So go here for much-needed peace and a healthy break from our otherwise hectic lives.  Since the year 2018 many people are visiting our place, now day by day the number of tourist people who are visiting our place for mediation and spiritual search is increased.


  • From Villupuram 45 Kms
  • From Tindivanam 27 Kms
  • From Pondicherry 12 Kms
  • From Auroville 7 Kms

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